Wonderful Tour

While on a short trip to Brugge my daughter and I spent a day on the Tour of Flanders Field with Sharon as our guide. It was an excellent experience from start to finish. Sharon was able to put the battles, atmosphere, and sacrifices into perspective as we walked over the same paths and battlefields. All information was provided clearly and with great respect. Although we learned about World War I in school being there and seeing where it took place brings it all to life. The Tour was worth the time and cost - a very reasonable amount considering the quality of the presentation. Many thanks to Sharon and Phillipe for putting together a first rate Tour.


Before leaving on our overseas trip, we had heard some concerning reports about some tour operators not turning up to pick up people waiting, or not being knowledgeable enough and even being a bit arrogant, however, we can not speak highly enough of how Phillipe ran our Tour, and of his polite and helpful information provided without rushing anyone, and covering the history in interesting detail without being boring, with an in depth knowledge of the area and of the Flanders Battlefields, by someone who obviously not only does the Tours as a job but is clearly passionate and cares about what he does and the preservation of the battlefields for future generations. We found much of what we heard and learned on the Tour eye opening, and would recommend that anyone interested in knowing the history of the area, and of War World 1, do the Tour with Phillipe, as we have a much better understanding of the area and of the War and what has happened in the years since then, and in particular if doing the Tour we would recommend not missing the opportunity to visit and experience the "Menin Gate Last Post" performance at the end of the day which is a memorable experience that should not be missed.

Flanders Fields Tour

Phil was our guide to Flanders fields on our recent visit to Bruges. It was a very very well organised tour, right on time with a hotel pick up and drop off. Phil is extemely knowledgeable and has all the latest information about the places covered in the trip and Phil kindly helped us find the memorial at Tyne Cote on which our great uncle is mentioned. The tour had a good balance of different memorials and the arrangements for our visit to Ypres and Last Post were flawless. The tour is not hurried, you have enough time to explore every stop and capture moments. It is also very good value compared to other prices out there. A sensational experience.

Excellent Tour and VERY well organised

Phil was our tour master to Flanders fields in my recent visit to Bruges. It was a very very well organised tour, right on time with a hotel pick up and drop off. Phil is very knowledgeable and has latest information about anywhere anything on everything covered in the trip. No 5 minutes in the day trip feels or goes wasted. Lunch is very well organised as well, including very yummy cheese for vegetarians like me. Although i had chosen a wrong option from the menu, Phil corrected it for me (since i am vegetarian). Phil also arranged a taxi for me to get to Ypres station (prepaid) which was really kin of him, hardly see any humane gestures these days. It is not hurried, you have enough time to explore every stop and capture moments. It is also economical compared to other prices out there. Just relax, absorb the information and get ready for an *** experience.


We were in Bruges this week and took the Flanders Fields Tour on the spur of the moment. So glad we did, we thought we knew a lot about WW1 but this Tour, with Philippe as our guide, taught us so much more. A truly moving experience as you see how the impact of the battles are still part of day to day life for Belgians, and the scale of such a huge war was brought to the personal level as you turn streets and cross modern developments built on the battlefields on which thousands of pals died together. My grandfather was fortunate to return from WW1 and live until his eighties, but he never spoke of his experience to me or my father, this tour gave me an insight to part of grandfather's life that I would have never otherwise known. Thank you.

Flanders battlefields tour

We went on this tour last week with Sharon as our guide.She was very informative during what was a very emotional experience. She even went out of her way to take my husband and myself to the memorial to the Black Watch to let us pay our respects which wasn't actually listed on the itinerary. Thank you Sharon.

Informative and respectful

To say this tour is worth every penny is an understatement. Philippe took us on our tour on Belgian Day. Philippe organised a taxi pick up from our hotel in the morning to meet the bus. He was extremely knowledgeable and able to give detailed information about dates, locations and events of World War 1. It was a meticulously organised trip from start to finish which included a lovely lunch. We chose to stay on in Ypres to see the last post ceremony which was very worthwhile and emotional. Philippe took the time to show us the best place to stand and explained when to get there as it does get very busy. He'd also organised a taxi to get us back to our hotel. Thank you Philippe for wonderful, memorable and respectful trip. Dave and Keri Williams.

Battlefields tour - 9 May 2015

We had a very enjoyable trip around the various monuments, cemeteries and sites of the WW1 battlefields. Although I had seen some of these before without a guide, having Philippe's excellent commentary enhanced my understanding greatly. To see what the people of Belgium have to live with on a daily basis was also of great importance to our day. The lunch halt and small but excellent museum at Hooge Crater was another gem on the trip but ending the journey for one of my colleagues to pay his respects to a relative lost 100 years ago almost to the day of the trip was one more touching moment on the day. Many thanks Philippe from the four of us.

Flanders Fields Tour 12 March 2015

This tour is a must when visiting Belgium and you can do no better than Quasimodo Tours. Our tour guide was Philippe who was very knowledgeable and with the right balance of sensitivity and humour. He tried to bring something personal or of interest to each group on the tour and was able to speak in depth about battles, events and individual heroism. He pulls no punches and tells it how it was (and still is, 100 years on, to the locals who farm the land). The day was perfectly planned and included a lunch stop at a small museum, with an extensive collection, all included within the price. Whilst a visit to the Menin Gate is included in the tour we opted for the additional ‘Last Post’ tour, giving us a couple of hours to have a relaxing meal in Ieper. Philippe told us exactly what time we needed to be at the Menin Gate and thankfully we followed his instruction and obtained a good vantage point. It does get very busy. The Last Post ceremony was a very moving experience which we would recommend that you do not miss. Our driver was waiting for us to convey us back to our hotel in Bruges after a very worthwhile and thoughtful day in Flanders Fields.

w.w.1 battlefields

fantatic tour a real eye opener now we can really understand what the soldiers went through. phillipe was so informative and told us things we have never seen in any text books. he also has a great sence of humour. the weather was so apt for this tour raining and cold in places we tried to keep a check on our emotions but did not always succeed. a full day but phillipe never once rushed us and gave us time to take it all husband was 70 on the day and everyone sang happy birthday there was ozzies C***dians American irish british and phillipe an international choir it made his day we hope to be back in September and will go on this tour again as I am sure we did not take everything in so thank. you phillipe and Sharon for a great tour..
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