Update Covid-19

Dear guests, and future guests. Due to the latest news we have to update our info and tours are not possible nor responsible till at least halfway June or until further notice. Obviously these are not good days for anybody involved with a business, but only following the rules as we do will make this possible. So as we say in Flemish: "Stay in your COT". Thanks again for all who positively look to the future and re-booked for the near future and for those who did not cancel their booking for after end of May yet. Together with you we are also sure there will be a life after Covid-19. And it might be a better one!! Wishing you all good health, and thanks again for your support. We hope to see you soon as we miss our daily visits to Flanders Fields, the people we meet on our tours, and those partners we daily include with our tour, such as Hooge Crater museum museum. For all info about your booking or query certainly call or email us. Sharon and Philippe.