About us

About us

We will take all precautions to make sure that your day trip is without worries and unforgettable.

Philippe Quasimodo Tours

* Neither trips are at all suitable for infants or toddlers as we cannot install baby seats,
** To our regret neither of our tours or our vehicles are not suitable for people who need a wheelchair. Our apologies.

Our names are Philippe and Sharon. We are a Belgian/Australian couple, passionate about both Belgium and the First World War, as both of us had relatives who served their country during the Great War. We offer two extensive guided tours, rich in detail and personal knowledge and more than 32 years of experience. Our tours are fully guided by us in a wholly unique manner - laid back and friendly and off the usual tourist beaten track. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of our province with you.

Sharon Quasimodo Tours    Philippe Quasimodo Tours    Philippe Quasimodo Tours

Please note that the tours are given only in English!

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